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7 Things about 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Trailer

#SDCC is finally over and although I did not get to go, there were a ton of new sneak peeks of upcoming tv shows, films, and geeky stuff that I need to catch up on! I rarely talk about the tv shows I am watching but of course, I am one of the millions utterly obsessed with AMC's The Walking Dead.  So Naturally, when the Season 5 trailer came out, I went skittishly bonkers but it also left me pining for more and with an alarming amount of questions and observations!

Where we left off Season 4:

Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl arrive at Terminus but are met with gunfire and they are forced to go into the boxcar in order to save Carl from dying. They go into the boxcar where they are imprisoned. There they find Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. While the group is losing hope, Rick claims that "they're screwing with the wrong people." CHiLlLzZ

What the Trailer Tells Me:

1) These people at Terminus are super bad and are experimenting on people and holding them hostages. But for what? Because they are not complying with them? Are they taking body parts and doing stuff with them? WHAT THE HELL IS TERMINUS?!

2) Does the group get split up again? Numerous remarks of "We're not leaving without our people"  and "Where are our people" is repeatedly shouted. The theme of family and strangers not being trusted is re-instated. It seems like the Terminus guy complies to go to Washington, sparing the lives of the crew but obviously he cannot be trusted. I mean come on, he looks like a total rat! Will they just finally be forced to kill him for the greater good of their safety and goal?

3) I see Carol so seems like she found the crew!!! I hope she comes in with guns banging and ready to save the day.

4) The level of intensity and danger is increased with the crew's unrelenting persistence to travel to Washington in order to find the cure for the zombie epidemic. But will they make it? The risk of going there and not finding anything is huge. Will they risk their safety for that chance?

5) Rictatorship won't be back but it seems like Rick is taking charge and kicking some serious ass. He cocks his muthafucking gun and looks back with such intensity! You definitely know a lot of shit is going down.

6) Whereas previous seasons, the crew was stationed at the jail or at a farm, there seems to be a lot more movement and action taking place at and beyond Terminus. Explosions of zombies are going off, cars falling off highways, people getting tortured, people just bawling their eyes out! A lot of emotions and events are detonating in season 5!

7) Lastly, is this the season where Beth goes total badass after she is pushed to the brink? The last sequence shows a snippet of the danger she encounters. A woman states " Every sacrifice we make, needs to be part of the greater good. In here, you're not the greater good, you're part of the system." We see beth maybe doing some stunts, running, and slaughtering zombies. I hope this is the season where Beth really shines.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kickman said this season would start off with the Terminus detour, something not shown in the monthly comic book he writes but would soon get back on the track of the story shown in the comics. Apparently, season 5 will be much tougher and rougher (via. Hero Complex) as it's clearly seen in the trailer. With that said, it seems like all the characters will be pushed to their limits and test them in ways they did not think possible. I definitely want to see some epic transitions in Season 5 especially with Beth and Carl. I seriously cannot wait, I got so many chills while watching the trailer! The Walking Dead season 5 comes back October 12!

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