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David Fincher's Gone Girl Trailer #2

Finally, we get a "real" trailer for the adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best selling novel, Gone Girl. I say "real" in quotations because the first trailer wasn't much of a trailer at all considering it only gave a sneak peek into what to expect out of the insanely well-written and cleverly crafted mystery novel. And of course, who would be better at directing a mystery/thriller other than David Fincher himself. With second film of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo out of the works, I am elated that Fincher has gone to pursue this spectacular project as Flynn actually had Fincher in mind when she was writing the novel. As I said before, Flynn is writing the screenplay as well and has agreed to "slaughter her baby" as in completely wipe out the original ending of the novel and re-write another for the film which I'm sure would be more climatically appropriate for the screen. Regardless, I am over-joyed because Gone Girl was one of the best novels I've read last year and am speechless at it's movie rendition that truly brings the intensely gripping and mind-blowingly brilliant story so accurately to life. 

Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike stars as Nick and Amy Elliot Dunne who are a married, out-of-work writers. When Amy suddenly disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary, all the fingers point directly to Nick. Gone Girl will be come out October 3rd! 

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