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Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Nightcrawler' Poster & Trailer

"YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE MONEY TO BUY A TICKET!" Just a day ago, I posted about the Nightcrawler teaser which is the directorial debut of writer Dan Gilroy's new film starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The teaser was incredibly enticing but now that I've seen the official trailer, my anticipation for the film is off the charts! Could this be Gyllenhaal's Oscar winning role? He stars in the film as Lou Bloom, "a driven young man desperate for work who discovers the high-speed world of L.A. crime journalism." Like I said in the previous post, you can smell the desperation in his eyes and what ensues in Nightcrawler is a feast for my eyes considering that chaos will reign in the streets of Los Angeles with Bloom sniffing around!

"I wouldn't really call him a journalist," Gyllenhaal said of his character in an interview with Vulture last year. "I would actually consider him a cinematographer. He's a total observer, and a visual artist." With that said, I'm intrigued by Lou Bloom and will be enthralled to witness his curiosity and spectatorship taking place on screen. And knowing that the setting is so specifically Los Angeles only makes me more itchy with excitement! As a veteran of Toronto International Film Festival, Gyllenhaal will be back to premiere Nightcrawler which comes out in theaters on October 17


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