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Justin Simien's 'Dear White People' Poster & Trailer

It's here! The first trailer for Justin Simien's Dear White People! I've been patiently waiting for the full trailer to come out because the teaser just wasn't enough! This was one of the films at LA Film Fest that I wasn't able to see because there was a line around the corner and even those people couldn't get in! The film is based on Simien's own experiences at a predominately white university, which centers on four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular "African American" themed party thrown by white students. 

Tbh, it's hard marketing a film that talks bad about any ethnicity (besides N. Koreans) but when it's being pointed at the largest and most dominant ethnicity that controls most of media and culture, yeah, it's a hard sell. But I'm so glad it was done because even though I'm sure a lot of white people will immediately take it as offensive and lash out, someone had to do it. And I'm glad it's none other than Simien. Like I said in my other teaser post, it seems like Simien has delivered a razor sharp and tongue in cheek exploration and open discussion about racial identity in a so-called "post-racial" America." It wants to talk about things people are scared to talk about because they don't want to be seen as a "racist" or voice their distaste for it because there are also repercussions. But in a day and age where "racism" is supposedly "gone" is bullshit and that's not the reality. We've been growing a generation of kids to just ignore race politics and brush it under the rug, instead of dissecting and examining the our culture and it's effect on the individual. I'm more than thrilled that Simien has made a film that screams aloud the problems across the board with all ethnicities and not just black people. Dear White People comes out October 17

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