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LA Film Fest '14: Top 5 Films

LA Film Fest is finally done and I've rated all the films I've seen at the fest here! But here I am selecting the top 5 films I've seen that were worth mentioning. And let me tell you, it includes a lot of prison action/turmoil/mis-conduct that'll surely boil your blood in more ways than one. In no particular order, I have listed The Overnighters, Out in the Night, Frank, The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest, and Starred Up as my top 5 films that I watched at the LA Film Fest. Not only are these films thought-provoking but they hit very close to home with their powerful message that transcend social commentary and invoke personal introspection. Without a doubt, these films challenged me as a viewer because all these characters go through a tremendous amount of a discrimination that I can completely relate to on a small scale and to see their story come alive in a much larger way, brought tears to my eyes. It is filmmaking at it's finest. Definitely check it out when it comes out!

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