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Mary HB Nguyen's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Vector Art

HOLY HELL! My good friend and brilliant artist, Mary HB Nguyen created some vector art for the cast of the hugely anticipated film, Guardians of the Galaxy! I've been in love with Mary's style of animation and art since day one and it's incredible to see the range of her work thus far. I mean, check out this portrait she did of me which is bursting with colors and awesomeness! She is a LA-based digital artist working in both illustrations and animation and soon going to be taking over the art/film scene (def hit her up for customized work). I'm a novice when it comes to Vector art but I am immediate attracted to the choice of colors and structure Mary decided to use for her pieces especially the fierce portrait of Gamora. I am now infinitely more ecstatic for Guardians to come out in theaters on August 1st! Be sure to check out more of Mary's work on her Facebook and Instagram!

Check out the extended Guardians of the Galaxy trailer:

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