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Film Vlog: Sundance NEXT FEST '14

Sundance's #NextFest is already here! I went this past weekend to watch Kumiko The Treasure Hunter (2014) and Listen Up Philip (2014)! To be honest, I went to watch Kumiko The Treasure Hunter because I heard the there was going to be a Q&A with the director and writer, the Zellner Bros and WERNER HERZOG. If you did not know already, Herzog is one of my all-time favorite auteurs EVER! Of course, I had to go to this event! And I was not disappointed! Just being in Herzog's presence and hearing his iconic voice for the first time was enough to  

This is #NextFest's second year in the City of Angels and this time, they held it at the revamped Ace Hotel Theatre which is a drop-dead gorgeous piece of architecture! I felt transported to a European estate considering how majestic and old world it looked! I am only so lucky to have experience just being within it, let alone watch a film!

Both of the films I watched, Kumiko The Treasure and Listen Up Philip will be out soon and I will be doing individual reviews for both of them but what I can say now is that even though they are from two different genres, they bring such originality to their respective materials that invoke personal introspection. And that's such a beautiful aspect to watching a movie and possibly, one of the most important aspects. I recommend you seeing these two films once it hits a theater near you. I had a BLAST going to this festival cause I love going to Downtown LA (minus the traffic & parking!) I finally got to go after missing its first year which I ended up double booking because I went to Outsidelands!

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