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Film Review: Frank

I had heard about Frank when it premiered at Sundance Film Fest earlier this year but before I saw it at LA Film Fest, I wasn't so sure if I even wanted to see it considering it's far-fetched premise was about a leader of a eclectic music band who sports a fake head. But after I watched it, I wholly fell in love with its pensively profound premise that spoke such volumes about our generation of artists living in this digital age. This is one of the rare times I have ever seen Fassbender (possibly a first) in a comedic role and he pulls it off wonderfully. The premise actually goes deeper than the advertised premise that is equally refreshing and enlightening. It is the perfect musical comedy to end your summer with! And who else wouldn't want to see Maggie Gyllenhaal in all her aggressive and badass glory?! Definitely be sure to check out this week!

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