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Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

THIS IS THE BLOCKBUSTER OF THE SUMMER! Guardians of the Galaxy have proved to be the most wildly received blockbuster from critics and viewers alike this year! And it's no wonder with its eccentric humor laced throughout this zany and witty action film that has one of the most incredible soundtracks in recent film history. I mentioned it was the 80's but most of the tracks are from the 70's. I mean how could I forget?! They had The Runaway's Cherry Bomb and 10cc's I'm Not in Love! Nonetheless, with a nostalgic soundtrack to boot, Guardians of the Galaxy have proved they're the new kids on the block in the Marvel realm that everyone should fear. 

What I also loved was the individually unique characters that brought such humor and truth to the screen. Rocket's lack of sympathy showed that self-pity is worth nothing considering that everyone to a certain extent has gone through turmoil. It might be a small thing but I admired that potent remark that brought perspective to it's audience. It was a hell of a ride that I'm probably going to go on again and again until the next film comes out. With the success of this film, Gunn will be able to bring out even bigger guns (in terms of wonkier banter & action) and have the Marvel outcast troublemakers become the big kids on campus! Also I'm sure we're going to be quoting lines from the film till the end of time. "I am Groot!" see?

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