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So & Arshad Reviews: The Maze Runner

This is a particularly special review because I had an extensive discussion all about the gripping YA novel/film, The Maze Runner with my good friend Arshad. Arshad does a lot of things (singer, songwriter, actor, director, etc!) and one of them is being a huge fan and expert on the YA novel and film movement that got sparked when The Hunger Games (2012) came out. We both caught The Hunger Games bug and while I drifted off especially with the hype of Divergent (2014) came around, Arshad increased his interest hence why he asked me to collaborate with him on The Maze Runner as a person who hasn't read any of the series. 

I caught a sneak peek of what to expect from The Maze Runner at this year's WonderCon and I was amazed. As far as YA adaptations go, everyone wanted to make something as great as The Hunger Games but just kept failing. The Maze Runner might be a close-runner up due to the fact that when they got something right, it was absolutely great with the incredible special effects (for their small budget), superb performances casting choices (KI HONG LEE!!), and overall pacing of the film. The only gripe I have with the film is their lack of an explanation to why the kids are even there and what the maze was even suppose to prove. Arshad and I really go into it so sit back and grab some coffee cause it's going to be a long one!

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