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Love It / Hate It: Upstream Color (2013)

Love It / Hate It is a new segment I'm doing on every Wednesday in the month of Sept where Kristen Sales of Sales on Film and I discuss films we hate or love! 

This week Sales on Film and I discuss Shane Carruth's mind-bending Upstream Color. I must admit, Carruth's films are not for everyone. It's been nearly a decade since he came out with his phenomenal debut film, Primer, which basically obliterated everyone's mind to pieces! And now with Upstream Color, it is a more refined and even more contemplative piece that expands and explores the our connection to everything from the ground up. The film is not for everyone and I can see why Sales would dislike it. So if you haven't seen it, be careful because you can easily be swayed to loving it or hating it. 


Next Episode: Short Term 12 (2013)

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