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New York Series: The Skeleton Twins (2014)

It's here! The first episode of the New York Series is a series of videos I shot in New York that I will be releasing in the month of October! But obviously with The Skeleton Twins already out, it can't hurt to release this spanking new video a bit early can it?! I had the help of my friend Jenn to review the film with me. We saw it at IFC where Director Craig Johnson, Kristen Wiig, and Bill Hader joined us for a Q&A after. And to be frank with you, the entirety of the Q&A was better than the film with Wiig and Hader recounting their deliriously stacked day from waking at the crack of dawn to attending The Today Show to barely eating to arriving at IFC! 

It was an incredible feeling just being all the way in New York and experiencing what I would've normally be experiencing in LA but with a New York crowd! Definitely each side of the coast is eternally lucky to have such a vibrant and rich film scene! And I could not be more grateful about it. 

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