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Film Review: The Overnighters

I saw Jesse Moss' The Overnighters at LA Film Fest this past year and I was absolutely blown away by the story and the overall execution of the film. It is always an incredible and rare moment when a subject starts to unravel right before the camera and transform into something much more grandiose and important than what it's initial purpose was suppose to be. That's what The Overnighters is all about: the failed American Dream. 

The gripping drama follows the many broken and desperate men across the nation who chase their dreams and demons in the North Dakota oil fields in hopes of attaining their American Dream. And a local Pastor, Jay Reinke's intimate story of the ultimate self-sacrifice to help those in need. The Overnighters brings a jarring reality to the current state of American's economic climate in this post-recession era. What is incredible and frustrating is how they captured the desperation of real people in real places during these real times. This is one of the finest and best documentary I have seen this year that is brutally captivating and ruthlessly consuming especially talking about merciless realities of America today. YOU MUST WATCH THIS FILM.

See my LA Film Fest review of The Overnighters starting from 0:33 sec

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