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Sion Sono's 'Why Don't You Play in Hell' Poster & Trailer

If you have been following my blog, you already know that I watched Sion Sono's EPIC cinephile lovin' yakuza film, Why Don't You Play in Hell at last year's Beyond Fest! I also reviewed it for yall with Crome Yellow so check that out!! Sadly, the film didn't get a U.S. distribution till now thanks to Drafthouse Films! They also released a new trailer and poster and it looks EXACTLY as crazy as the film is! This is another masterpiece written and directed by Japanese filmmaker, Sion Sono who knows exactly the right angle to jab us with his Katana Sword just the way we like!

Why Don't You Play in Hell follows an inexperience but passionate film crew The Fuck Bombers who are on the quest to make the ultimate action epic! These amateur cinephiles' world collides with the war going on between two Yakuza clans in hopes of capturing a real live battle to death all on 35mm! 

If that doesn't sound fantastically bonkers, I don't know what is! This is the kind of madness I want to see in filmmakers and in their filmmaking. It was an absolute joy to watch this film as it combines every particle of what cinephiles love especially when it comes to violent and Japanese films! This is one of the rare films that I can think of besides John Water's Cecil B. Demented that chronicles xxxcore film buffs to xxxtremes to prove their loyalty! I am overjoyed that this little gem will finally be coming out! the You can finally witness the madness that is Sion Sono's manic brain in limited theaters early next month on November 7th

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