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Trailer Reactions: Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice

The trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice has finally arrived and of course, I had to share my thoughts with you guys via another great trailer reaction video! This film is one of my most anticipated films of the year and I can't believe we are that much closer to the release of the film. This film has a stacked cast and comedic tone reminds that is very much reminiscent of Boogie Nights (1997). I'm totally diggin the 70's vibes with the music, costumes, and just the flair! I don't recall ever seeing Joaquin Phoenix in a somewhat comedic role or film (Does I'm Still Here (2010) count?) so it'll be refreshing to see him in a much vibrant light than he was in The Master (2012). I hope to hear some buzz next week when the film premieres at NYFF but till then, I'll just be looking at rando stills of the film in hopes of finding official ones! Inherent Vice releases in limited theaters December 12 and goes to wider release in January 9th

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