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AFI FEST '14: Eden

Year: 2014
Director: Mia Hansen-Løve
Writer: Mia Hansen-Løve & Sven Hansen-Løve
Cinematographer: Denis Lenoir
Cast: Félix de Givry, Pauline Etienne, Hugo Conzelmann, Roman Kolinka, Vincent Macaigne, Greta Gerwig, 
Country of Origin: France
Rating: N/A
Time: 131 min.

Kristen Sales (Sales on Film) and I went to AFI FEST this past month and we were able to catch some of the same films together and so we decided to do the natural thing and record some reviews together. I also had the privilege of interviewing Mia about her fourth feature, Eden (see interview here) which chronicles 20 years of the life of a French DJ (Félix de Givry) who's credited with inventing "French Touch" or "French House" which was popularized in the 90s.

The beauty within Hansen-Løve's work is how she takes simple everyday stories in a person's life and is able to adapt it to screen with painstaking realism embedded into every scene. With it's naturalistic performances and precise camerawork, Hansen-Løve brings her stories about people and their passions alive. Paul, the French DJ is stuck in a phase of arrested development where the grim realities of adulthood hasn't kicked in and Eden captures his rise and fall with swooning melancholia. This isn't your average musically-driven, club-setting, DJ story but wholly shows the night and club lifestyle in unfiltered form. 

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