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Trailer Reactions: Furious 7

It's BBBAAACCCKKKKK! The Fast & the Furious films are by far one of  my favorite franchise/series, hands down! How can you deny it's unrealistic action sequences and heart-felt message about friendship and family?! This is a film 14 years in the making and I am incredibly sad that it will end. But at least, it's for sure that they will go off in a HUGE BANG! The whole gang is back (R.I.P. Han) and this time, someone else is out for their blood. And that person is none other than Jason Statham, who is thirsty for revenge against Dominic Toretto and his crew for the death of his brother Owen Shaw (see Fast & Furious 6). 

James Wan is embarking on new genres outside of his usual Horror realms so it'll be real interesting to see what he brings to the table. This will be Paul Walker's last film and I just can't help but be sadden by the tragedy of his death but I'm hoping the film honors his immortal presence in the film to give him a well-deserved farewell! Check out my trailer reaction as I borderline go apeshit. I honestly was shivering throughout the whole trailer reaction as even my body could not contain its excitement! Furious 7 comes out April 3rd! Are you ready?! (Hurry up April!)

Really lovin' this minimal yet straightforward poster!

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