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Badass Femmes: The Female from 'Under the Skin'

Badass Femmes is a bi-weekly column that I write on Crome Yellow about all the Badass Females in pop culture that has shaped my life.

2014 was a great year for women in film, from female directed films like The Babadook and The Midnight Swim, to female-centric stories such as Mommy, Two Days, One Night and more. You could say that this was the year of the badass femme; but nobody stood out more than the unearthly woman in Jonathan Glazer’s haunting Under the Skin. Named only as The Female, Scarlett Johansson went above and beyond as an out-of-this-world alien whose dead-pan stare and endearing smile was able to lure men to their impending doom. Although the true gender (if that even applies) of the alien is arguable, the character resonates as the year’s best dissection of what it is to be a woman first and foremost, and a human being on an even deeper level.

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