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Watch: Famous Couples in Cruisr's New Animated Music Video

I have not heard of the band Cruisr before I stumbled upon their music video for "All Over," which is possibly my favorite thing on the internet at the moment ( & I'm on the internet a lot!!). Not only is their song super catchy but it is accompanied by imaginative and seamless animation that is an homage to iconic film couples and pairs ranging from oldies like The GraduateLolitaand Manhattan to small screen indies like Buffalo '66Under the Skin, and even Boyz n the Hood! It's hard enough to not shake your booty to this song all while trying to identify every single reference they are making! But let's see how many you can get!

The video's creator and director Chris Carboni explains his creative process on his website

"The concept was born out of the central theme of the track - the inexplicable but relateable allure of getting your heart stomped on in all the right ways. The clever simplicity of the lyrics combined with the instantly catchy rhythm of the song called for a narrative that could breeze by just as effortlessly. So I decided to visualize the story through notable film romance - from the iconic to the obscure - represented through colorful animated vignettes. A lot of the fun came in finding the right balance of love and chaos to represent such a volatile relationship. Echoing the idea of constantly cycling back and forth between these two extremes, I decided to have each section seamlessly transition into the next without any cuts."

Well damn, Chris Carboni! Well done! There were maybe a few I did not catch but this is a superbly constructed music video that delivers numerous eyegasms as the video unfolds. Can you name all the couples in this video? 

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