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Watch: Leah Shore's 'I Love You So Much'

The first time I saw Leah Shore's I Love You So Much, it was at Los Angeles Film Festival '14 and I completely fell truly madly deeply in love with it, Savage Garden style. She took such a simple concept of two people who love each other so much but incorporated belly-achingly hilarious dialogue and wacky  animation that resulted in one of the most eyegasmic short films I have ever seen! Shore herself star in this piece that had me kicking and screaming on the floor due to it's insanely comical one-liners (Tinder-worthy) that may seems outlandish and ridiculous but I must admit, I've uttered these words to my once lover(s) (no shame) in my lifetime. Leah Shore is in all sense of the word an artist--an artistic force to be reckoned with even if she just wants to make you feel uneasy! But I mean who doesn't! 

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