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Film Vlog: Sundance '15

YO! I am back full throttle with my Sundance vlog and this is a real good one! I had the pleasure of going to my first ever Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and it was everything I had expected and more. The combination of the freezing cold, sleepless nights, and lack of warm food really made me feel like I was a wild chicken running around with my head cut off but it was all part of the great experience! I did not go to as many swanky parties but you bet your ass that I got to watch tons of mind-blowing, forward-thinking, and super duper fresh films! I cannot wait for all these films to come out so you can just gorge on the next level of beauty and innovativeness these films have to offer! And in tribute to Sean Baker's Tangerine which was wholly shot on the iPhone 5s (GASP!), I decided to shoot my entire vlog on my iPhone! So LEGGO!

Top 5 Films: (See full post)

Songs My Brothers Taught Me (Dir. ChloƩ Zhao) See Trailer
Tangerine (Dir. Sean Baker) See Review
Pervert Park (Dir. Frida & Lasse Barkfors)
The Witch (Dir. Robert Eggers) See Trailer
The Wolfpack (Dir. Crystal Moselle)

The Nightmare (Dir. Rodney Ascher) A-
Partisan (Dir. Ariel Kleiman) B-
Results (Dir. Andrew Bujalski) C
Welcome to Leith (Dir. Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker) A
Dope (Dir. Rick Famuyiwa) B+
Turbo Kid (Dir. Francois Simard & Anouk Whissell & Yoann-Karl Whissel) B+
Hot Girls Wanted (Dir. Jill Bauer & Ronna Gradus) C
James White (Dir. Josh Mond) A
Seoul Searching (Dir. Benson Lee) B+
Knock Knock (Dir. Eli Roth) B+
In Football We Trust (Dir. Tony Vainuku & Erika Cohn) (See Review
The Chinese Mayor (Dir. Hao Zhou) A
City of Gold (Dir. Laura Gabbert) A

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