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My LAAPFF Recommendations

UPDATED: 4/20/15

I had the immense privilege in partaking in the programming of the largest and most renowned Asian American Film Festival in the world based right here in Los Angeles! The 31st Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival kicks off on April 23 to the 30th showcasing the best cinema that Asian and Asian Americans have to offer! It feels awesome to see so many talented people come together to support minority filmmakers, actors, content creators, and much more! I had made some suggestions on the LAAPFF website but there are way too many films that need to be seen that I really did not want to restrict myself to just two! Obviously, every one of these films are worthy of viewing but here are a list of films that continue to contribute to the forward-thinking, edgy, and bold voices in the landscape of Asian and Asian American cinema! 

There are so many films to suggest so instead of blabbing on and on about why I love these films, I'll let the trailers do all the talking! Shall we?

Tour de Force Performance ---> MARGARITA, WITH A STRAW

Intimate & Powerful story about the Unlikely ---> TWINSTERS

Good ol' Broming of Age in K-town ---> KTOWN COWBOYS

One Word: Donnie Yen ---> KUNG FU KILLER

Refreshing & Emotionally Bold Sci-fi & Social Commentary ---> ADVANTAGEOUS

Hilarious & Fierce Take about Being #1 ---> MISS INDIA AMERICA

An Important & Harrowing Look at China---> THE CHINESE MAYOR

Super Kawaii & Badass Mystery Story ---> THE WORLD OF KANAKO

No One Does Romance Like Wong-Fu ---> EVERYTHING BEFORE US

XXXTreme Teen Spirit + Girl Power ---> TOP SPIN

Breathtaking Cinematography in Futuristic Vietnam ---> 2030

The One Documentary S. Korea Didn't Want You to See ---> THE TRUTH WILL NOT SINK WITH SEWOL

There are also other films like (Sex) Appeal that I definitely got to see! Just because I didn't list other films doesn't mean I don't recommend them but these are the top films that resonated with me the most. There are so many films that will cater to every audience whether it is the LOL bromedy, Man Up starring Justin Chon and Kevin Wu or a story of a former Yazuka who decides to change his life and help other outcasts in June Bride: Redemption of a Yazuka, or the ever so relevant subject of gentrification that is plaguing numerous places including Chinatown, Vancouver as seen in Everything Will Be

No matter what you decide to see, it is most definite that you will leave very pleased at your selections! So come through to Little Tokyo, Koreatown, or Hollywood to see these! & if you do see me, don't forget to say HIIIIIIIIIII!

P.S. Turns out I'm doing the intro and Q&A for Twinsters, Top Spin, Miss Indian America, and 2030 so come by!!!

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