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Sean Baker's 'Tangerine' Trailer & Poster

OMG!!! IT'S HERE!! Sean Baker's Tangerine made behemoth waves at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year with its riotous LA story about a transgender prostitute on a rampage to find her pimp that broke her heart. Not only did this particular story showcase a different side of Los Angeles never seen on screen before but audible gasps seared through the audiences when Baker revealed that the entire film was shot on iPhone 5s! I loved Tangerine so much that I had named it one of the best films I had seen at Sundance and even went so far as to inspire me to shoot my own vlog of the festival all on my iPhone as well. I feel like I have been fiending to see a trailer of the film for so long that the sheer notion of its arrival has me all jacked up on adrenaline!

Sean Baker is truly on another level especially with his own distinct filmmaking style and stories that dares to go where no filmmaker has gone before to bring the humanity and heart in the most unlikeliest places. Tangerine is a ferocious monster that will rip you another asshole all while you're dying from it's uproarious humor! This trailer is everything I wanted and more to show the maddening and bat-shit crazy shit show that's about to go down! Also the fucking music!!! Can we also take a moment of silence and just gaze at this gorgeous poster? I've been swooning over its romantic yet throwback feel to the 80's that has been all gushing left and right especially to the magical tunes of Dev Hynes. I seriously cannot wait to see Tangerine again on the big screen once it hits theaters on July 10th! Better hold on to your panties, it's going to be a wild one!

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