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Jason Banker's 'Felt' Trailer & Poster

AHHHHHHH! It's here! It seems like I've been waiting forever to finally see a trailer for Jason Banker's hyper-realistic feminist superhero story, Felt for some time now. It's only been a couple of days since the teaser poster came out which is provocative to say the least! Now, they released a (explicit!) trailer and a new poster for all yall to see and I can't wait to hear what you think of it! Blending documentary and narrative forms, Felt follows Amy who is struggling to cope with her past sexual trauma and the daily aggression of a male-dominated society by creating an alter ego that re-appropriates the male form. 

I remember very clearly that I had a run-in with a horrible cat-calling incident right before I watched Felt which only added more fuel to the fire of my ever so growing fury. I had never seen a film that so rightly captured the daily assaults women experience in their lives in such an accurate manner. Chilling, raw, and downright soul-crushing, Felt is a film that truly demands to be felt! You can read my full review here. I am so beyond excited that it's going to finally come out in theaters on June 26th and VOD on the 21st! Make your calendars bbz, this is one film you cannot miss!

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