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Love It / Hate It: Albert Maysles' Iris

Love It / Hate It is a new segment I'm doing on every Wednesday in the month of May where Kristen Sales of Sales on Film and I discuss films we hate or love! 

Kristen from Sales on Film and I are back with a whole new segment of Love It / Hate It as we talk about legendary documentarian Albert Maysles' last film, Iris! To start off this beloved series, we changed it up a bit to discuss the first film that we both LOVED (gasp!). We may be going against the rules but hey, I wrote them so why not! Following a day in the life of 93-year old Iris, we witness her hectic yet luxurious lifestyle, knit-tight marriage, and singularly unique fashion influences and styles. As this is Maysles' last film, it is endearing and emotional to see yet another work that embodies his usual intimate and delicate approach of the portraiture of his subjects with incredible empathy and warmth. See what Sales and I had to say about the film as Maysles' #1 fangirls. 

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