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Love It / Hate It: Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Love It / Hate It is a new segment I'm doing on every Wednesday in the month of May where Kristen Sales of Sales on Film and I discuss films we hate or love! 

Kristen from Sales on Film and I are back with a whole new segment of Love It / Hate It and this time, we chit chat about David Zellner's polarizing Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter starring the ever so great,  Rinko Kikuchi. The story is based around the urban legend surrounding the death of a Japanese woman by the name of Takako Konishi. The media reported that she had died trying to find the treasure depicted in the Coen Brother's film, Fargo. In reality, Konishi was suffering from depression and had committed suicide. Zellner spins the tale to mesmerizing and at times polarizing proportions to tell one of the most interesting stories to come out in a while. Sales make her great points about the film which is undeniable but it was an unexpected spiritual experience for me. Tune in to hear more about it! 

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