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Safdie Brother's 'Heaven Knows What' Trailer & Poster

I am incredibly sad to state that I did not know about Josh and Benny Safdie's Heaven Knows What till I saw the film listed on this year's SXSW film roster despite the film having made so many festival rounds from Venice Film Festival to AFI FEST to even True/False Film Festival! But better late than never right?! I am so thrilled that I found out about them because this film looks like one hell of a film! Based on the experiences and unpublished memoirs of Arielle Holmes, Holes plays Harley, a fictionalized version of herself: a heroin-addict who is battling a manic addiction in the backdrop of NYC admist a craved love affair. 

I am posting two different edits of the trailer because I had first saw the Red Band Trailer and fell in love with the edit of it all and how through the midway point, there is this intense voice-over that reminded me much of Flosstradamus (who I'm obsessed with) that evoked this fantastically crazed world of absolute chaos! With this kind of music thrown into the mix, I better fasten my seat belts for one maniacal ride!

Official Green Band Trailer shows a more tender aspect revealing more of the love story between her and her boyfriend. A great new edit.

What I adore about Heaven Knows What's blend of fiction and documentary is that it encapsulates the raw and nitty gritty vibe of New York street life so accurately. Although, I've only been to New York City a handful of times, I've witnessed the unrest that occurs on the streets that normally one cannot get away with in a city like Los Angeles. The city plays just as big of a role as the characters in the film and it seems like just the kind of disorderly riot that I am normally drawn to! Heaven Knows What is coming out on May 29th which is only two weeks away so get ready!

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