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Noah Baumbach's 'Mistress America' Trailer & Poster

I have a weak spot for Noah Baumbach, always have & always will. Since he started collaborating with Greta Gerwig, his films undoubtedly has a more feminine touch which is always greatly appreciated and needed in this male-dominated landscape of cinema! Co-written and starring Gerwig, Mistress America follows Brooke, an adventurous, YOLO-type, New York transplant, who brightens the life of her soon-to-be step sister Tracy (Lola Kirke), a lonely college freshman. I always fear that Baumbach will turn into a Woody-Allenish type that incessantly self-indulges in their own petty, white, upper-class problems. But Baumbach has proved time and time again that even though his films are mostly about white people, his vision and stories transcends representation and continues to be inventive, witty, and undeniably charming enough that I keep coming back for more!

The trailer itself doesn't particularly make me want to watch the film but that's what I said about Frances Ha but I fell so madly in love with it! I'm hearing through the grapevines that Mistress America is unlike any of Baumbach's previous films and it is quite more humorous and playful than anything they've seen from him! That statement alone makes me more excited to watch it than this lackluster trailer did! And good thing Sundance's LA-based NEXT FEST is going to screen it with a special performance by Sky Ferreira! SwOoOoOn! I'll definitely keep you guys posted about the event! Mistress America comes out August 14th!

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