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Alex Ross Perry's 'Queen of Earth' Trailer & Poster

After I saw Alex Ross Perry's third feature, Listen Up Philip last year, I was completely blown away by his idiosyncratic and refreshing cinematic voice which cemented his status as one of the best American filmmakers of our generation! That is a loaded statement but when you can read my Listen Up Philip review and you will know why! So it's no surprise why I would be excited to see what Ross does next especially starring the incredibly dynamic and powerful actress, Elisabeth Moss in Queen of Earth. The film centers around what happens when two childhood best friends reunite for the summer. Sounds so innocuous huh? But blending the memories of the past and present, we witness as Virginia (Moss) begins to spiral out of control as the her and her bestie's (Katherine Waterston) lives begin to intersect. 

Written and directed by Perry, Queen of Earth has throwback feels to masterful psychological thrillers from the 70's (cough cough Hitchcock, who else!). While we saw Moss channel her paper-thin fragility in Philip, in Queen of Earth, it seems like she passes any coherent emotional state to soar straight into madness! The poster says it all with the manic stricken facial expressions that can send daggers into our hearts. Although the trailer is somewhat vague, I truly put full faith in Perry's ever so versatile vision that makes me believe in singularly unique cinematic voices once again! Queen of Earth comes out on August 26 & I cannot wait to descend down the rabbit hole with Moss!


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