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Girl Talk Series | Ep. 2 | Let's Have a Body Party!

In this second episode, Let's Have a Body Party, Alisha & Camille discuss body issues after watching Lily Myer's slam poetry of "Shrinking Women." In the video, Myer proclaims that women have been taught to grow in while men have been taught to go out. In a culture where women constantly have to filter their thoughts and habits, it's important to focus and point out how talking about our bodies affect our self-esteem and our health. Especially when you mix culture and parents into it. This is a topic that needs to be discussed time and time again and most people just think that Asians are "naturally" petite which is on the contrary. Alisha & Camille touch on this subject of body issues within our culture to shed more light on the pressures to be thin, food habits, and the misconceptions of Asian body norms. 

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