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Girl Talk Series | Ep. 3 | Motherhood is Serious Business

In the third episode of the Girl Talk SeriesMotherhood is Serious Business, Becky & Rea talk about their contrasting views of motherhood, careers, and life when they discover that their friend Sophie is pregnant. Entering our mid-twenties, the ever so pressing topic of marriage and motherhood all while juggling a career always seems to be on our minds. Although we might want to do it all: have a successful career as well as build a family, sometimes it's just difficult to manage especially given our individual circumstances in life. We explore the vast spectrum of different women who feel innately tied to motherhood to those who feel that maybe the idea of maternal instinct is a social construct that they simply don't possess. Whatever their take on it is, it is important to show the various viewpoint so we can shatter the societal expectations of women and support each other's decision no matter what. 

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