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Trailer Reactions: Creed

When you hear the word Creed, a Rocky spin-off film directed by Ryan Coogler doesn't jump right into mind but here it is! The sophomore feature by Coogler follows Adonis Creed, the son of Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa's former rival, Apollo Creed where he will be trained by Balboa himself in order to gain a title! With the skillful hands of Coogler, I suspect that this film will be more emotionally driven provided by a top-notch performance by Michael B. Jordan! Naturally Slyvester Stallone will be making an appearance and I like their chemistry from what I see. Watch my reaction below which also includes remarks relating to the "Creed-munity" that is outraged by the title of the film! Creed comes out November 25! I can already hear the Oscar buzz!

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