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Trailer Reactions: Suicide Squad

Oh man, I wasn't expecting this trailer at all! The trailer to David Ayer's much anticipated Suicide Squad is here! Partially because after it premiered at Comic-Con, WB failed to upload the trailer right away which resulted in shitty pirated footage being uploaded! So here it is! I am so amazed by the collection of A-list powerhouses in a "Superhero/villain film that just elevates the excitement that much more! Can we also talk about Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn for a sec? I almost crapped my pants (poo emoji)!!! She seems like the centerpiece of this entire film & I couldn't be happier. Her manic, dazed, and whimsical spirit makes her being a villain that much more dangerous! The film can't come soon enough! Suicide Squad comes out August 5, 2016!

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