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Watch: The Simpson + Akira = 'BARTKIRA' Trailer

Holy shiiiiiiiit! The Simpsons are always killin it when it comes to doing homages to revered auteurs from everyone from Hayao Miyazaki to Guillermo del toro! And now, here is Bartkira! Barkira is a parody mash-up of the lauded 90's manga and film, Akira and obviously The Simpsons! This is probably the coolest homage I have ever seen! Transforming the original Akira trailer, shot by shot, through The Simpsons lens is incredible to see! No way is this officially associated with Fox Animation but it's so great to see it be made and out there! Based on the idea by Ryan Humphrey, he has been making comics way before this trailer through the Bartkira project, a comic collaboration of Simpsons fans which is curated by James Harvey! So freaking tight! Check out their site to see more of the Bartkira project! www.bartkira.com

Now, the Japanese trailer!

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