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Xavier Dolan's 'Tom at the Farm' Trailer & Poster

Oh snapz! Our favorite hip and uber talented Quebecois auteur, Xavier Dolan is here once again with another film called Tom at the Farm! Granted he made this film before Mommy which I saw a year ago at AFI FEST it but finally got a U.S. trailer so here it is! After the sudden death of his lover, Guillaume, Tom played by Dolan travels to his home in the country for the funeral. It's a sexually charged, psychological thriller that climaxes to a twisty and deceptive conclusion. 

Considering Tom at the Farm was the second film I've seen of his after Lawrence Anyways, I wasn't sure how to make of the film especially the ending. You can see my spoiler-filled review with Sales on Film here. In retrospect having seen most of his filmography now, I think I should revisit the film considering the film's Hitchcockian tones and feels is worth reanalyzing. Tom at the Farm opens on August 14

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