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Badass Femmes: Veronica from 'Heathers'

Badass Femmes is a bi-weekly column that I write on Crome Yellow about all the Badass Females in pop culture that has shaped my life.

Thanks to her youthful roles in Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites and of course, Heathers, Winona Ryder, our Princess of Darkness, will always have fans (and I) using the hashtag #Wino4Evaz on a daily basis. Out of all her films though, Heathers is the most sinister and darkest of all her younger years. As Veronica, Ryder was the fairest of them all, a sharp contrast to her shallow and soul-sucking companions – her angsty and aloof personality epitomized teen behavior in all of its cynical and nihilistic glory! To this day, the character is one that sticks out for standing her ground in a counter culture battle against the very people she once called her best friends. Though times have changed, high school remains a vicious battleground, and to make it out alive, you gotta play the game like Veronica did. Of course she saved the day by killing her ex-boyfriend and knocking her former besties off their throne, but that’s just high school drama to the next level y’all.

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