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Girl Talk Series | Ep. 4 | But That's Life, Right?

In the fourth episode of the Girl Talk Series, But That's Life, Right?, Grace & Bomy have a major heart to heart moment and share their own personal stories of loss especially being at such a young age. The topic of loss is one that I feel the most connected to especially transitioning from a young girl to a woman and just dealing with life. Grace & Bomy are the youngest girls featured in the Girl Talk Series and yet, they have experience hardship that many of us haven't even experienced entering our mid-twenties and on. As much as our young generation is inundated and ruled by the presence of digital media and technology, there are always moments of true connect and bond amongst our closest friends no matter how "connected" we feel in society through our hand-held gadgets. This is the most personal episode out of the entire series that will speak to many people as we peek into the emotions and hearts into real girls who share with us their most intimate feelings about loss.

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