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Robert Eggers' 'The Witch' Trailer & Poster

The trailer to Robert Eggers' magnificent directorial debut film, The Witch is here! I named the film as one of the best 5 films I saw at Sundance so I am so enthralled to know that A24 finally released a trailer despite it's release being in 2016! Eggers nabbed the Best Director award in the U.S. Narrative Competition at Sundance for The Witch and dare I say, it is a masterpiece. It is 1630 in New England, the lives of a devout Christian family living on the edge of wilderness with five children start to unravel after the mysterious disappearance of their newborn son.  We've all seen stories of parents losing children but when it's the whole family that is a suspect especially, entangled in some ominous magical presence, it's a total different ball game!

This salem-esque story builds to suffocating heights of anxiety and fear as it shows a chilling portrait of a family surrounded by an inescapable evil which is accompanied by masterful camerawork and a powerful musical score. There is about to be some serious devilish shit going down! It's all what a horror film should be with jarring atmospheric tension, mystical figures, and innocent people going mad! The Witch is the one film that I've been telling all my friends about and so, I don't know how I will survive till 2016 for them to all see it! But by the looks of it, I know it's going to be totally worth it! Also, The Witch revived my love for witches and it honestly doesn't get better than that, my friend! 

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