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Film Review: Amy

Year: 2015
Director: Asif Kapadia
Country of Origin: UK // USA
Rating: R
Time: 128 min.

Naturally, one of the best documentary of the year called Amy, comes from the team that brought us the acclaimed documentary, Senna. This time, they tackle the rise and fall of the singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse from the sweet beginnings of her career to her toxic affair with Blake Fielder and then onto her eventual death. The entire film is told through third party medias like archival footage, paparazzi photographs, and voiceovers from her friends and family. This format has been used before but considering the context of the suffocating limelight that Amy Winehouse lived under, the film uses this medium to tell a powerful and devastating story that ultimately contributed to her death.

I was a teen when Amy hit the peak of her career which was also the point where her detrimental relationship with Blake and addiction was at it's most fervent. Seeing this film truly brought another light seeing who she was before the price of fame ruined her life. The film stayed with me days after I saw it and even reflecting back on it now, her pain and words continue to haunt me. She possessed a soulful sensibility way beyond her years and she knew it. Who knows what would've come of her if her path didn't turn into what it did but all I know is that her music has forever made it's mark in music history. Whether you're a fan of Amy or not, go watch the film because everything you think you know about her is wrong. 

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