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Takashi Miike's 'Yakuza Apocalypse' Trailer & Poster

Holy crap! The Japanese godfather of extreme violence, absurdity, and all things badass, Takashi Miike (see: Audition, Ichi the Killer) is back with Yakuza Apolcalypse. If you didn't think he could bend genres and take his films to the next level, think again! There's flying vampires, ass-kicking frogs, and most importantly, yakuzas! The story follows Kageyama, a young yakuza who is ridiculed by his peers for not being able to get tattooed. His boss, the notorious and revered Kamiura is in reality, a vampire. After getting literally torn apart by rival gangs, Kamiura passes his powers to Kageyama, forcing him to get revenge on the syndicate. 

Miike is known for his controversial work and while it seems like many will be torn by the film, the unfathomable thought that a yakuza story could have a vampires, monsters, and other supernatural things, I am so down for! Yakuza Apocalypse premiered at Cannes Film Festival and eventually ran its film festival tour through TIFF and finally, it'll be at LA's largest and best genre festival, Beyond Fest! So naturally, I will be seeing it at its West Coast premiere this Friday and have my mind fully blown to smithereens! Let the fighting and blood-sucking commence!

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