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Watch: Leah Shore's 'Hallway'

You may remember Leah Shore's work from when I shared her engrossingly hilarious & eye-popping short film, I Love You So Much last year. She returns yet again with a provocative short film called Hallway, which premiered at this year's SXSW Film Festival! As Shore describes it, Hallway is "queer, about mental disability and existential breakdowns and is set in a real Brooklyn sex dungeon." (If that doesn't grab your attention, you're dead inside!) She had wanted to create something that was both sexually and gender neutral as to not be categorized. And naturally in the name of love, there are no boundaries. I've always enjoyed Shore's work as they are thought-provoking, visually mind-fucking, & simply so emotionally powerful! Take a ride into the trippy mind of Leah Shore & you'll know what I mean!

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