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Jeremy Saulnier's 'Green Room' Trailer & Poster

This may be the most obvious statement of this year but Jeremy Saulnier is one of the most promising and visionary upcoming American filmmakers today. There's no denying his masterful and innovative storytelling chops especially after seeing his gritty and slow-burning thriller, Blue Ruin (See review). Now he's back with his third feature film, Green Room which is about a young punk rock band who find themselves trapped in a secluded roadhouse after witnessing a horrific act of violence committed by murderous white supremacists. And yeah, Patrick Stewart is their neo-nazi ring leader! Hold on tight, cause this trailer is a bumpy one!

This film basically has all the qualities of a film that I would DIIIIIIIIE for! A punk rock band (check), hotties Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat (check), a death fight against a terrifying neo-nazi gang out to drink your blood while you're completely secluded in an abandoned warehouse?! (CHECK!). As expected, it seems like Saulnier has crafted another brilliantly suspenseful thriller that'll have me gnawing my whole hand off by the looks of the trailer. I'm always down for premises that channel some The Raid: Redemption vibes so bring it on! A24 (love u) is releasing Green Room on April 1st. I'll be there with my bat in hand. 

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