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Sion Sono's 'The Whispering Star' Trailer & Poster

Did someone say a new Sion Sono film?!?! If you happen to look at his IMDB page, apparently he has six films listed for 2015 including a tv movie. I don't know how the man does it but I am not complaining at all, quite the contrary! I am ecstatic to present another film by this idiosyncratic auteur who keeps tackling new genres in a visionary way only he can and this time, he brings us The Whispering Star. Starring his wife/actress Megumi Kagurazaka, plays Yoko, a robot deliverywoman who delivers packages to people around the galaxy on a floating house. But she begins to wonder what is in these boxes and more importantly, what it means to be human. 

I've loved his previous films like the bat-shit crazy Why Don't You Play in Hell (See review) & the swagged out Tokyo Tribe. And with The Whispering Star, he seems to be tackling another genre in a breathtaking way. Shot in b&w with a simplistic set design, this sci-fi feels reminiscent to the dreamy works of Fellini and a dash of Spike Jonze's Her. But we all know that once we see it, it'll feel 100% like a Sion film. The Whispering Star screened at TIFF '15 and although, it has no U.S. release date yet, I bet it'll get picked up in no time! I mean, someone's got to! It's SION SONO! 

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