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Girl Talk Series | Ep. 5 | It's a Love & Hate Relationship

The Girl Talk Series is back and this time it is Teen Edition in It's a Love & Hate Relationship.16-year-old Adriana and Vishwa discuss growing up in the digital age and their love & hate relationship with social media. It's hard enough being a teen but with the whole world at your finger tips, it's difficult not to be fazed by the immense pressures of judgement and anxiety that come with publicly sharing your life with everyone. As young as they may be, they share incredible insight on the inner turmoil of the effects of social media as well as the positive aspects of it. As the first generation to truly grow up in the digital age, they have mastered the ins and outs of social media and understand the protocol for the various platforms ranging from Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat to Vine. Their words and thoughts may transport you back to your own teenage years as they paint a picture of their world but underneath it all, their message is a universal one.

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