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Watch: Racial Tensions Burst in 'Los Angeles 1991' Short Film

As a daughter of a liquor store owner, I instantly become attached to stories of the race tensions that are still prominently present within the Los Angeles communities since the LA Riots. So it's no surprise that Macgregor aka Miguel de Olaso's short film, Los Angeles 1991 about exactly that, hits so close to home. Set in Los Angeles, the story is based on a real-life shooting that occurred at a local liquor store. It's a powerful drama about the intersecting lives of four different people whose presence and ethnicity are incessantly stereotyped and pit against one another. As much as we've seen this story before, the narration by Gordon Capps adds more context and richness to each character, even if it seems like from an outsider's perspective. In the end, it does make you wonder if there will ever be an end to this exhausting race war. Take a look.

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