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Badass Femmes: Catwoman from 'Batman Returns'

Badass Femmes is a bi-weekly column that I write on Crome Yellow about all the Badass Females in pop culture that has shaped my life.

As a woman in a male dominated world, it’s easy to feel helpless and preyed upon, having most of our opinions sidelined and our bodies served as eye candy. Needless to say, it’s an idea our media is happy to uphold, and one that Tim Burton’s iconic Batman Returns brings to light so well through Selina Kyle. Played by Michelle Pfeiffer, Kyle is the epitome of a working class woman, combating patriarchy and sexual harassment on the daily. It’s only when she hits rock bottom that she transforms into the resilient and powerful Catwoman, awakening a side of herself she never knew existed. Reborn as the lethal femme fatale, she fights against the very system that made her who she is – it’s a poignant, tragic transformation, one that’s too important to ignore

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