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SXSW '16: MissMe: The Artful Vandal

"I'm not on a mission. I'm not trying to start a revolution." In MissMe: The Artful Vandal, renowned Montreal-based artist MissMe quit her successful job at one of the world's top advertising agencies and became an underground street artist. Director Mohammad Gorjestani crafts a beautifully shot and enthralling portrait of MissMe who simply just want to provide a counter-voice to the objectification of women in mainstream advertising. Although she has no intentions of starting a revolution, her work and voice is a powerful testament to the cause itself. MissMe posts up images of iconic and influential women like Nina Simone, Frida Kahlo, and even herself in her unmistakeable mouse mask. She's the kind of modern day superhero I've been waiting for. MissMe: The Artful Vandal premieres at SXSW in the Documentary Shorts competition.

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