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Maya Vitkova's 'Viktoria' Trailer & Poster

Don't mistake Maya Vitkova's Bulgarian film, Viktoria for last year's one take heist thriller, Victoria! They may have the same film title, but they couldn't be more different from one another. After being 2014 Sundance hit film, Viktoria is finally getting released only in New York on April 29th, distributed by Big World Pictures

The official synopsis for Viktoria provided by Big World states that the film "follows three generation of women in the final years of the People's Republic of Bulgaria and the early years of the transition to democracy. The film focuses on reluctant mother Boryana and her daughter Viktoria, who is born without an umbilical cord. Unwanted by her mother, Viktoria is named the country's Baby of the Decade, and is showered with gifts and attention until the disintegration of the Eat Bloc. Despite throwing their worlds off balance, the resulting political changes also allow for the possibility of reconciliation."

As you can see just by the trailer, the gorgeous cinematography does all the talking. Even if we don't know what the film is about just by the trailer, every single shot provides provides the highest caliber of visual poetry that makes us want to know more! Vitkova wrote, directed, and produced the film, which was the first Bulgarian film to screen at Sundance. It's such an interesting premise that combines family struggles with political allegory. I sadly missed my chance to watch this film when it came to AFI FEST last year but I'm glad to hear at least New Yorkers get to feast their eyes on this glorious film! Hopefully it comes to LA soon!

EDIT (4/13/16): HOOOLLLLLYYYYY MOTHER. Queen Maya Vitkova herself shared and commented on this post saying that Viktoria will be coming to LA on June 10th! I'll definitely see you there Maya! <33

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Maya Vitkova at: April 13, 2016 at 12:25 AM said...

Thank you, So! VIKTORIA is coming to LA on 10 June and I will be there for a week of screenings and Q&A! Would love to see you there! Best, Maya

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