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Park Chan-wook's 'The Handmaiden' Teaser Trailer

Holly hell you guys! Why didn't anyone tell me that Park Chan-wook dropped the teaser trailer from his upcoming film, The Handmaiden?! Park fell in love with the plot of Sarah Waters' novel, Fingersmith so much that he decided to turn it into a film! It'll be interesting to see how he turns this crime novel set in the Victorian era Britain into a story set in the good old days of Korea. The story follows a young female pickpocket from the slums who is hired by a con man to join an elaborate scam in which she becomes the personal servant of a wealthy Japanese heiress, who she ultimately tries to seduce. Not only does the film have a killer storyline & cast but the rapid-paced teaser gives us a glimpse of the madness that is in store for us! It looks deliciously deceitful and mischievous! I love it already! The Handmaiden premieres at Cannes this month!

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