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December Film Favorites

December is a time to just wind down from the hectic year and just chill with your family. In the beginning of the month, I saw the fantastic Moana that reminded me why Disney films reigned supreme. A friend recommended a British show on Netflix called Chewing Gum, which is about a 24-year-old girl who is trying to lose her virginity. It's one of the most hilarious shows I've seen as of recently, it had me ROFLing. Literally. And how can I forget Gareth Edward's Rogue One that brings the darkness and realness to the Star Wars Universe to show that there is no battle without casualties of war. And to cap off the year of 2016, La La Land captured my heart especially because of it's message of the sacrifices and compromises that need to be made in order to achieve one's dreams. And ain't that the truth!

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